1. Grading System

Grades will be determined based on midterm and final examinations, class participation and homework assignments.

         Grade Breakdown












Students who receive a final grade of less than 70% will not be able to complete a level.


2. Attendance

(1)    Tardiness and absence are strictly monitored. Six tardy arrivals or four hours of absence will be regarded as a full day of absence.

(2)    Students who are absent due to undergraduate or graduate classes must submit a certificate of attendance in order for the absence not to be counted towards the number of hours of instruction required for completion of programs.  

(3)    Applicants who require a student visa must request the form in advance at the office.  


3. Level and Course Completion

(1)    Students must attend at least 80% of the total class hours and receive an average score of at least 70% in order to successfully complete a level.

(2)    Students who complete levels 1 through 5 will be awarded a certificate for completing the corresponding level. Students who complete level 6 will be awarded a certificate for completing the Korean language course.


4. Retention and Re-registration

(1)    Students who receive an average score of less than 70% or miss more than 20% of the total class hours will not be able to complete a level.

(2)    Students who fail the same level twice consecutively are ineligible for re-registration for a third consecutive time. After one semester has passed, students will be allowed to re-register for the failed level.

(3)    Students who are suspected of registering in the language institute for purposes other than studying or of disrupting the class ability to effectively learn cannot re-register.


5. Accreditation

Credits cannot be transferred from KUIS Language Institute to other KUIS programs.

Upon request, an official transcript can be issued to any institution the student desires.


6. Other

(1)    According to Article 19.4 of the Administration Law of Immigration, students who are absent for more than 10 days without prior notice must be reported to the Immigration Bureau, and their registration will be cancelled

(2)    KUIS may cancel the registration of students who disrupt the class environment, disrupt the learning of other students, or otherwise act inappropriately.