Global Leadership M.A. Program

   KUIS Global Leadership M.A. Program

Program Description

This is a two-year, interdisciplinary M.A. degree program taught in English. We highly encourage applying into our program those who hope to work for the Evangelical World Mission, Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and Global Peace Building & Conflict Resolution. Geographical expertise centers on Africa, North America, the Middle East and Eurasian Continent.
Students must complete 36 credits of academic work(2 years), demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language, complete international internship, and successfully complete a master's thesis. Students can join the core classes mainly on June-August (4 subjects, 12 credits) and January (2 subjects, 6 credits). Areas of professional concentration include International Political Economy, US Foreign Policy, International Security, International Relations Theory, International Organizations, Third World Studies and Modernization and Development, International Security, Christian NGOs, Islamic Ideology and Movement, Christian Worldview, Global Mission History and Strategy, Korean Language & Culture.

Core Faculty

Judith A. Duncker,
Degrees earned: 2004, Ph.D. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

2004,M.Div. Alliance Theological Seminary/ Nyack College, New York

1994, M.Phil. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

1983,M.A. Fordham University, Bronx, New York, 10458

1981, B.A. Rutgers University

Teaching field: International Political Economy, US Foreign Policy, International Security, International Relations Theory, International Organizations, Third World Studies and Modernization and Development

Hyung Shik Kim
Degrees earned: 1988. Ph.D. Monash University
                               1973. M.A. Manchester University
                               1971. Graduate Diploma. London School of Economics
                               1969. Social Work. Chungang University

Teaching field: Theories of International Cooperation, Introduction to International Politics, Strategy for International Cooperation, Social Development, Strategy for International Cooperation

Ronald G. Brown
Degrees earned: 1978. J.D. University of Washington School of Law

1975. M.A. University of Michigan, Asian Studies

1971. B.J. University of Missouri, Journalism

1974. B.A. University of Missouri, Political Science

Teaching field: Development of NGOs

Yong Joong Cho
Degrees earned: 1997. Ph.D. Trinity International University
                               1987. Th.M. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
                               1985. M.Div. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
                               1982. B.A. Trinity College

Teaching field : Intercultural Studies,Anthropology

Samuel, Sung Sam Kang
Degrees earned : 1995. Ph.D. Intercultural Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Trinity Int'l University
                               1984. M.A. Columbia International University, SC, USA
                               1978. M.Div. Chongshin University & Theological Seminary, Korea
                               1967. B.A. Dankook University (English Lit.), Seoul, Korea

Teaching field : Old & New Testament,Worldview in Modern Pluralistic society,Global Mission History & Strategy.

Han Woo Choi
Degrees earned : 1989. Ph.D. Hacettepe Altaic University (Turkey Ankara)
                               1986. M.A. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
                               1983. B.A. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Teaching field : Christian Worldview,Eurasian Studies,Islamic Studies

2. Qualifications:
a. Have a bachelor's degree from a 4 year college or expected candidate
b. Have an equivalent academic qualification to a 4 year college acknowledged by law

3. Required documents
(1) Application (submit by email)
(2) Essay addressing your background and interest in the field of international studies (1,000 word) (submit by email)
(3) Two letters of recommendation, including one from an academic source, which describes your professional and academic abilities (submit by email)
(4) Certificate of Degree, or Certificate of Expected Graduation(should include mention of the exact expected date of graduation) of all colleges and graduate schools (should be written in English)
(5) Apostille (or consul verified) degree certificates
(6) Official transcripts of all colleges and graduate schools in English. (An official transcript submitted in a sealed envelope which you have received from your college or university is acceptable.)

(7) A copy of applicants passport
   (For residents in Korea ? a copy of Visa and Alien registration card)
(8) TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS score report (Original):
(Native speakers of English or those who graduated from the university which all courses are conducted
in English are exempt from this requirement.)
(9) Certificate of the Bank Deposit
- more than 10,000 US$ of yourself or family members
- ORIGINAL certificate issued by a bank
(10) Application fee of US $20 or KRW20,000
(Please send the application fee under the name of applicant. If not, please email us the senders name along with the application number.)
- swift code: CZNBKRSEXXX
- Bank Name (Branch): Kookmin Bank Hyochang-Dong Branch
- Bank Address: Kookmin Bank Hyochang-Dong Branch 5-36
- Receiver's Name: Korea University of International Studies (
- Account Number: 763601-04-041981
- School Adrees: 17, Imjeonglo, Yongsan-Gu Seoul, Korea

5. Contact
Phone: +82-2-2077-8700~1 /