Global Leadership M.A. Program


1. Departments



International Cooperation Department , International Area Studies



Any person who spent at least 2 years overseas as a staff of International NGO, or a person who worked at least 2 years for International or Domestic NGO or Related Organization (or as a Pastor) with following qualification



Have a bachelor's degree from a 4 year college or expected candidate



Have an equivalent academic qualification to a 4 year college acknowledged by law

3. Screen Method


1. Interview and Oral Examination: 100%



Interview Subject: Personality and Serving Spirit 30%, Major 40%, Aptitude 30%



Interview Method



(1) Three interviewers ask questions for assessment.
(2) Scores from three interviewers are added for an interview score.



Interview Reference Document: Self Introduction and Scholastic Plan

4. Required Documents


a .

Application (submit online)


b .

Self Introduction (submit online)


c .

Scholastic Plan (submit online)


d .

Resume (only for those that apply, submit by mail)


e .

Recommendation from a president or a head representative of a group applicant belongs to (submit by mail)


f .

College Transcript (submit by mail)


g .

Diploma from last school graduated (submit by mail)


h .

4 Photographs (size 3cm x 4cm, submit by mail)